Sichuan Hui Da Tong (Phedaton) Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd Is located at Chongzhou Industrial port in T EDA, an industrial concentration development area in Sichuan. Established in the year of 2012 with a registered capital of 11 million yuan, Now we’ve reached an annual turnover of $ 90 million, at the same time, we have obtained the import & export certificates issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and General Administration of Customs of PRC.

  We are mainly engaged in research, production and sales of dish-washing machine. With an innovation-driven culture, we’ve been dedicating in laser cutter, Automatic welding machine as well as Highland field kitchen car. Our major products have been widely used for cleaning.

Featured with advanced technology, reliable performance and high durability, our Phedaton products earn good reputation. We have 2 in-house manufacturing plants and 2 exhibition centers and over 100 staffs around Chengdu, China. Honored as “High-Tech Enterprise”, we have acquired more than 15 National patents, among which two patents are Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award.

  Apart from the 2 manufacturing plants, we have a robotics lab, a heavy equipment production base (built by a joint effort with Sichuan Xihe Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd), and an automation equipment lab (built by a joint effort with Sichuan Agricultural University).Based on a disciplined and professional R&D and production team, we produce and deliver quality products as well as projects, receiving strongly positive feedbacks from clients.