Company Profile

NEON is a company surrounded by mountains and close to nature, situated in a magnificent city called Zhongshan, China. With 20-year experience on designing and producing audio products, what differs us from other companies is we not only create speakers drive but also speaker boxes by our excellent acoustic engineering team and development team, in order to provide the best sound experience to our customers.

We, as a music connoisseur, have a simple belief: Every sound should be natural while realistic. We have paid lots of effort in establishing our belief by improving the sound output of our products and we are still on our way to the perfection.

After hard-work of our professionals during the 20 years, we have collaborated with several famous global audio brands, including Philips, LG, TEAC, Onkyo & Hitachi etc..

We are ready to provide you with the greatest sound experience by using the finest materials and crafting in order to enhance your pleasure while enjoying music.

2014 “Li Yang” smart toilet bidet NE-ETS52 is launched for Sale

2010 Li Tai became one of the qualified suppliers for Blu-Ray Disc Play

2008 Got MFi Manufacturing License

2008 Li Fei becomes "TEAC" audio unique authorized operator in China market

2007 Li Tai began the OEM/ODM business and became one of the Eight Strategy Suppliers for “PHILIPS AUDIO”

2005 Zhong Shan Li Fei Media Ltd. is set up ,and to be authorized the unique operation of Micro Hi Fi for “PHILIPS AUDIO” in 2006.

2003 Louis Koo was invited to be the spokesperson for China market. “Li Yang” brand is registered in 2004 for China Market;

2000 "SANSUI" mini stereo is ODM by Li Tai , and is authorized the unique operation in China market at the same time.

Hsu Chi was invited to be the “SANSUI” mini stereo spokesperson for China market.

1996 "Neon" brand named is registered ;

1995 Zhong Shan City Li Xiang Electronic Co. was built up , and Li Xiang is the predecessor of Li Tai Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.. (Hereafter, we call: Li Tai)